April 2010

So who’s the most Bull Cow Poo?

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As you can see from above, Dr. Florian Kaps(call him Doc) holding a photo via the revolutionary IMPOSSIBLE film. Please note: this is for SX-70, and you never noticed that there’s nothing about 600s. No problem if you truly want to put’em in 600s, at most you’ll got a dark result.

Here you can see how finicky and fussy the PX-100ASA is:

由于新相纸的化学特性和旧相纸不同, 所以请注意如下几点:

成像适宜温度17-24°C /63-75°F,低于10°C/50°F会导致画面过亮, 对比度降低(可放置于衣服口袋中); 高于25°C/70°F时会导致画面变暗, 呈暗红, 暗橘红, 暗黄色, 对比度升高。

照片输出后请立即使其避开光线(用手遮住), 或将照片的正面朝下, 强光照射会使画面变亮, 特别是照片最先从相机离开的最下端。


The thing is, I still don’t see the PX-600ASA production.


Thank Joss, they served croissants and blueberry muffins in this out of water place.
Time became tough since I rushed back’in Boston right after the press event… em’minds me my gloating laugh..

Thanks for showing the grand dinning hall.